Meditations on Ahimsa

The very first yama of the very first limb before all others. Ahimsa is the foundation on which all the rest of the yogic limbs build.Ahimsa ( non-violence) and Satya ( truth) are the main yamas. Practicing ahimsa springs from the clear intention to act with clarity and love. Ahimsa, or non-violence encompasses thoughts, words, and actions. It is [...] Read more

Karma Yoga

Please join my team, Heart of our Being, for this Years Yoga for Hope. Go to the links page to Join or Donate.

Sthira Sukham

sthira sukham There has been a lot of talk about sthira sukham this week at my house. It began with the sanskrit term sthira sukham asanum meaning finding ease in the posture. This idea of doing something that may be quite strenuous and finding an easy place is an attractive idea. Imagine if handstand, warrior 3 or crow fell into balance and you [...] Read more

What is yoga?

What is yoga? Why yoga? They say that yoga means union, or to yoke as in an oxen and cart. It means to join, unite, to attach. It has also been said that yoga is samadhi or concentration. To yoke together the mind and body in concentration. I used to think that it was the asana practice that I liked so much about yoga. Early on I developed a [...] Read more

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